Hold up! We've got a glittering surprise waiting for you on Upstox! Get ready to embrace the dazzling Sovereign Gold Bonds, AKA SGBs!

:star2:These are government securities denominated in shimmering grams of gold! By investing in them you can say goodbye to the hassle of physical gold and hello to a safe and fabulous alternative! Why should you jump on this opportunity, you ask? Brace yourself for the incredible perks coming your way!

  1. Less risky: Backed by RBI and GOI :muscle:

  2. Dual returns: Gold price appreciation + 2.5% interest :moneybag:

  3. Historical pre-tax returns: 9.5% including 2.5% interest payout

  4. Tax friendly: Zero Capital Gains tax if redeemed on maturity💸

  5. Expenses: Zero GST + zero brokerage on application :money_mouth_face:

  6. Cherry on top: When you invest through an online platform like Upstox, you can enjoy a fabulous ₹50 discount!

Saving money has never looked this good! :dancer::tada:
So, don’t let this opportunity slip through your fingers! Embrace the glitz and glam of SGBs on Upstox before they close applications on 23rd June 2023.

Here’s how you can apply if you wish to:

We are accepting SGB applications on both our mobile and web platforms, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Upstox account - Upstox Accounts
  2. Go through the details of the SGB before investing in them
  3. Click on ‘Apply’
  4. Select the number of units (It has to be between 1 to 34)
  5. Select payment mode and complete the payment
  6. Done! Your order has been placed

Next, we will send your order to the exchange on the application closing date. If all details of your application are correct, you will get to know about your allotment status by 27th June 2023 and the units will be transferred to your Demat account. In case your application fails, the order amount will be credited to your account within one working day.

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Can this be pledged for Margin?

Hi @11.11 -
Yes, SGBs can be pledged for margin. However, since we just rolled this out, we haven’t enabled the feature at the moment. We will add that soon.

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