Grivience redressal

Hi Team,

It seems your level 1 ,2 ,3 all grivience redressal is redirected to the same support team who keeps closing tickets without reply. Request you to have different channels for escalations, if even the ceodesk email gets redirect to the same team who closes the ticket without any response or email what’s the point of calling it CEO desk?
It seems the only true escalation possible is via scores which shouldn’t be needed to get simple queries answered.


Hi @Ankit_Agarwal,

Could you please share your UCC and we will have someone from our team to call you and address this?


I am not able to find a way to share that privately in the forum, I don’t feel comfortable sharing it publically.

Hi @Ankit_Agarwal,

I have DM-ed you regarding this. Please check, thanks.