Features for Mututal Funds

Hey Upstox team, I’ve got a small request. Can you please add a Step-UP SIP feature and an option to edit the SIP amount? I’d really appreciate it!

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Welcome to the Upstox community, @Arpit_Jain

We’re excited to announce that we will soon be rolling out the ability to edit, modify, and step up SIPs on our platform.

Stay tuned for updates on the further releases.

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Hey, any updates on that feature you mentioned was coming in June? It’s the 30th now and I still don’t see it.

Hi @Arpit_Jain

We are actively working on the Step-Up SIP feature and aim to have it ready soon. Please stay tuned to our community page and social media handles for the latest updates.

Thank you for your continued support.


Can you kindly add Mutual Fund SWITCH feature.

Its available in AngelOne and it also stores mutual funds in demat form.

Hi @metallicsigma ,

We have noted your feedback and shared it with our team for further evaluation. Thank you!

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