Step-Up SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Users would have the option to set up Step-Up SIP schedules based on their preferences. They could specify the initial investment amount, the frequency of increases, and the percentage or fixed amount by which they want to step up their investments. This feature would provide users with the autonomy to tailor their investment plans according to their evolving financial goals.

I wanted to bring to your attention that some of Upstox’s competitors already offer Step-Up feature, which could be beneficial for enhancing the user experience on the platform

Hi @xprx77,

Thank you for your feedback. Our team is constantly working to enhance our features, and your input is valuable. We’ll certainly take this into consideration for future improvements. If you have any more suggestions or specific ideas, feel free to share. Happy trading!

Hi Upstox Team,

Any update on the Step up SIP feature?

Please let us know if this is planned for future development, then only we can plan to invest.


Hi @Prakash_Chandra ,

We’re excited to announce that the Step Up SIP feature is set to launch in June. Keep an eye on our community page and follow us on our social media channels for more updates and details.

Thank you for being a part of Upstox!

@Vaibhav_Naik will i able to convert my existing sip into step-up sip?

Welcome to the Upstox Community, @hari_K

Please note, normal SIP cannot be converted into Step Up SIP as it is already registered with the AMC. However, you can always opt for Step Up SIP in the same scheme once the feature is launched in June. We hope this helps.

Stay tuned for more updates on our community page and social channels. We appreciate your continued support!