STEP UP SIP system

Dear UpstoX team,
Please add STEP-UP SIP system on UpstoX for investors mobile version where mutual fund investors could able to increase their SIP investment every year/month by some percentage .
Hope u will work on this
Thank you.

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Hey @Miku_megabytis,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Please note that we are releasing the feature this month on Android where you can select either target or stop-loss or both and also place GTT on existing position or holding.

Okey that’s nice , but this is not my recommendation feature . Plz also keep an eye on my problem also .

Hi @Miku_megabytis -
Apologies for that…this response was made in error to this thread. It was instead intended for another thread (one that you commented on as well). I’ve asked the product manager that focuses on investing / SIP features to craft a response to this particular query on SIP. Thanks!

Hi @Miku_megabytis,

Step Up SIPs are an important feature for investors to consider. Currently, our system creates SIP orders through the BSE Star Exchange, which subsequently registers the SIP with the AMC. We have explored developing an internal mechanism to adjust or increase the SIP amount without seeking customer consent each time. However, this would require substantial development. Since you have approached this topic, something that we could consider is surveying a broad group of customers to understand the true demand for this feature. This would help in getting this prioritized for development.

Okey thank you so much, nd it will be best if UpstoX try to built this type of mechanism in future .

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Step UP SIP is one of the major required feature that is needed in current economic scenario

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@rajks86 In which platform u do step up sip ?

Hi please add step up SIP to sip as this is major requirement from investors I’m also facing issue in creating stepup sip as there is no option for doing so in upstox so investors might opt for other platforms for MF investment

Hi @Naihil_Narkhede,

Thank you for your suggestion. We have taken a note of it and passed it on to the concerned team.

Hey Upstox,

Are you the only one who is not providing step up option because other platforms pike zerodha Groww etc are providing the same.
It’s a request to Upstox team to provide the option of stepup, as requested by others as well

Hi Upstox Team,
Its a must needed feature, please priortize the same. Also, there could be two way to support that, one is already discussed which is support to setup step up SIP.
Another suggestion, which i am having is , atleast you should allow modifying amount and date in existing SIP.
It might be quick solution to help for time being until the new feature of step-up SIP will be provided.

Please provide the step up SIP on upstocks it is very important feature for the long term investments

Step up sip is still not implemented into upstox ? Thinking of switching to other platforms already :frowning: :pensive:

We’re excited to announce that the Step Up SIP feature is set to launch in June. Keep an eye on our community page and follow us on our social media channels for more updates and details.

Thank you for being a part of Upstox!