Basic trading question help

I trade in F&O in BANKNIFTY and my order type is delivery.
Consider 5 minute time frame:

If CURRENT market price of BANKNIFTY is 500 and I buy 1x lot of BANKNIFTY.
I place a GTT order, keeping my target price as 600 and STOPLOSS as 450.
Now, if the next candle opens at price 200, will my STOPLOSS hit?
If yes then how much will be my loss?

Hi @n1Ls,

Please note that we have concept called MPP (Market price protection) in case of SL GTT leg. So, since you have placed an SL order at 450 and MPP is set at 3%, the execution range will be 436.5 to 450. We will place a limit order at 436.5. So as it is Sell order and the current price is 200 which is below 436.5, the order will be in open state.

This is to protect you from large price fluctuations. You will have to manually modify the price of the order or exit the position manually. Hope this helps answer your query.

I am not able to place a buy order …it says 16585 account number is not valid…

Hi @Abdlsahad,

The rejection is from the Exchange and it could be because of KYC validation pending.

Please check this article and follow the steps carefully to complete the KYC validation: What is the process to verify KYC details (email and mobile number) registered with KRA? - Upstox Help Center

Once you raise a ticket, let us know the ID and we will get in touch with you soon.

I have checked this link and it shows that kyc validated. So what should I do now.

Hi @Abdlsahad,

We would need your ticket ID or your UCC to check the details.

Unique client code: 1506476605

That’s not your UCC. Here’s an article on how to check UCC: How to check UCC ID on my Upstox mobile app? - Upstox Help Center

Here it is my User id : 5TAYQ4

Thank you for sharing your UCC. We are checking your details internally and will get back with an answer soon.

Hi @Abdlsahad,

Your account is now unblocked and you can start trading. Let us know if you require help with anything else.