Android - 2.2.16 version is out now for a few users!

:tada: :partying_face: Here’s what you can expect from this version:

:link::bar_chart: Option Chain for Commodities (MCX)
Access our new Option Chain to trade in MCX Options. This Option Chain is power-packed with 10+ data points like PCR, Max Pain, India VIX, OI and IV data and more. You can even customise it as you like.

:alarm_clock::chart: TBT Charting Data
Now access faster and more accurate charting data for your analysis! Earlier our charts fetched Snapshot Data at a speed of 200m/s. But TBT Data is faster and more accurate than these and since its not fetched over the internet - there are no lags!

:hourglass_flowing_sand::money_with_wings: Quick Trade
Need help with your trades? We’ve made this easier with this feature! Answer a few questions and based on that we’ll provide you with a few trading opportunities.

:moneybag::money_mouth_face: AutoSIP for Mutual Funds
Based on customer feedback, we’ve improved the AutoSIP Mandate flow! Now setup your Mutual Fund AutoSIPs seamlessly and stay on track of your investments.

:toolbox::hammer: Hygiene bug fixes and improvements
GTT, Charts enhancements, fund transfers to and from Upstox, watchlist updates and MCX scrip details have now been improved as per customer feedback

Not seeing these updates? We’re rolling out our Android mobile app updates in phases - so stay tuned for 2.2.16 and ensure that you update your app once it’s out!

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