iOS Update 2.2.19 is out 🚀

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We are the first broker to offer charts powered by TbT, also known as ‘Tick-by-Tick’ data feed, which records every individual transaction in the market, including price, volume, and time stamps. In other words, no data point is missed, and you can enjoy:

:zap:100% accurate indicator mapping on charts.
:rocket:100% precise pattern recognition.
:muscle:100% more accurate price triggers.

So far, like the majority of brokers we were offering charts that featured Snapshot data. However, with Snapshot data you’re likely to miss out on important information relevant to making informed trades, especially on volatile contracts like BANKNIFTY. To solve this and ensure you only get the best and most accurate data feeds, we’ve launched TbT! We’re confident this feature will help you level-UP your trading game and it to the next level.

In other updates, enjoy volume and margins on your option chain along with PCR, Max Pain, Greeks and more!