India’s 1st Broker to offer Tick-by-Tick charting data

In this fast-paced world of trading, precision is not just an advantage; it’s the key to unlocking success. Your trading strategy is only as strong as the accuracy of your market data. At Upstox, we understand this fundamental truth and are thrilled to introduce a game-changing innovation: Tick-by-Tick (TBT) charting data.

:bar_chart: The Dilemma: Snapshot Data Offers Just A Glimpse
Traditionally, retail traders rely on Snapshot data, the standard on most charting platforms. However, this comes with its own set of limitations. Unlike TBT data, Snapshot data provides only a limited ‘snapshot’ view of trade flow, rather than a full view of all executed trades at the exchange. This can lead to inaccuracies in the displayed data, including data on most indicators and even elemental data such as OHLC (Open, High, Low, Close) data on candlestick charts. All of this ultimately results in inaccurate pattern recognition and price triggers, thus affecting your trading strategy.

:rocket: The Solution: Accurate Charts Powered By TBT Data
TBT charts display every individual transaction in the market, including price, volume, and time stamps. It offers a comprehensive and accurate view of market activity instead of just a snapshot. As TBT charts capture all market activity, there is no data loss of trades on the exchange.

:eyes: Visual Proof: TBT Charts vs. Snapshot Data Charts
Let’s take a peek at the 1-minute candlestick chart of Reliance from 10th Nov’23.

As you can see the highs and lows on both charts are different. TBT charts have captured higher highs and lower lows compared to Snapshot charts.

Which one’s accurate? TBT charts! No data point is left out on TBT charts, ensuring accuracy in indicators, pattern recognition, and price triggers.

:purple_heart: Benefits of TBT Charting Data
TBT charting data enhances accuracy and improves all aspects of market analysis

  • Accuracy in every candle: Every candlestick on TBT charts shows the most recent market activity, ensuring that you’re working with the most up-to-date information available
  • Precise indicators and patterns: TBT charts sharpen technical indicators and pattern recognition, making trading systems more reliable
  • Reliable price triggers: Traders can create price triggers with confidence based on the most accurate market data available

:bulb: Upstox: Pioneering TBT Charting
Upstox is the 1st platform in India* to introduce TBT powered charts. Typically, accessing TBT data directly from the exchange is costly and requires complex setup, making it out of reach for most retail traders. However, Upstox has taken a significant step by providing free access to this highly accurate market data, putting retail traders on an equal footing with institutional and algorithmic traders.

TBT represents more than just an upgrade; it’s a fundamental shift in trading. By offering real-time, precise data, we enable you to make well-informed decisions, armed with the same level of market insight as professional traders. These TBT charts are now accessible through both the Upstox app and the desktop platform. At Upstox, it’s not just about trading, but trading with utmost precision.

Dive in, track, analyse, and trade in a market where every tick is pivotal to your success.

*Source: Dalal Street Investment Journal

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Please guide us step by step, how do we access and use this Tick By Tick chart on Upstox app as well as on Upstox Desktop website.

Hi @Dabas,

There is no action needed from your side to activate Tick by Tick data. All our charts on our web platform and Android app are now powered by Tick by Tick charting data. We hope this enhances your charting experience.

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1-When will Auto Saving on cloud of Settings, Drawing, Indicator coming on TV charts on MOBILE & WEB?

when These 2 features are coming?

Hi @Ajay,

Thanks for your suggestions. These features are already in our roadmap and we will notify you once it rolls out.

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I believe this TBT is also available through API as well as WebSocket data, correct my understanding,

@sameercn The charts of the Upstox API are driven by TBT data for NSE. We are already considering a TBT-powered websocket for API. Once available, we will announce it on the community forum.

Appreciated your response, I understood that Upstox API 2.0 holds TBT data for NSE.

Can you confirm that TBT is also available in Charts and Upstox API 2.0 for NSE Index, Future and Options.


Equity, Futures, and Options charts related to the NSE are powered by tick-by-tick (TBT) data for the Pro platform and Upstox API 2.0.

Correction: NSE indexes are not powered by TBT.

Nice highlight ! Its an nightmare to do stock analysis on upstox charts.

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Hi @Pradhan ,

We’re sorry to hear about your experience. We value your insights, and your feedback is crucial for our improvement. If you could provide more details about the challenges you’re facing, we’d appreciate the opportunity to address them and enhance your stock analysis experience on Upstox.

1-Auto saving of drawing , indicator, layout & other settings On TV charts on Upstox Web & mobile App on Cloud.
2-Sync saved settings, layout, indicator, Drawing B/W upstox web,TV,mobile app.

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This is must feature. Dont know why they are doing so much delay in such important thing.

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Hi @amol_pawar ,

Your feedback has been noted. We will pass it along to a concerned team for evaluation.