17177, invalid pan

It is 72A8S3… looking at the message thread, this looks like a common issue with Upstox! Please advise.

Hey @Harrylamps07 ,

Thank you for sharing your UCC ID with us. We are getting it checked. Appreciate your patience in the meantime.

I was told to wait for atleast 72 hours and i did, but when im trying to trade today I am still facing the same issue of invalid Pan

user id - 72AHKP

This is a common problem with their app. They asked me to wait for 3 days last week and till date the issue is not resolved. Customer service of upstox is pretty sub standard

Thanks but my patience is running thin! Over the past 10 days I’ve lost approx 1000 INR on the stocks I wanted to buy!
If you guys aren’t able to set up an account, please be transparent and let me know atleast so we avoid wasting everyone’s time.
Awaiting a swift resolution to this

Was your issue resolved? Mine has not been resolved for 10 days now!

Still iam facing the same problem… ‘17177 : Invalid PAN Number’…

Hey @Ijas, your account status is active now. As confirmed, your order was also placed today successfully.

Hi @goxtham , your account is active now. You can try placing the order. Feel free to let us know incase of any queries.

Hi @Henok_VR , Your account is active now. You can try placing the order. Feel free to let us know incase of any queries.

Hi, I am facing the same error too - ClientID: 662406

Hey @Ishaque , I have been unable to trade now for 3 days. My ticket number is
#8464931. Can you please help me in resolving this issue fastly? TIA.

Hi @662406 ,

We have replied to your other post, please refer to the same.

Welcome to Upstox community, @Yogesh

We have processed your request and it will take 48 working hours. Please note that Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays are not considered as working days. Feel free to reach out to us here, in case of any other queries.

i am facing the same issue . Getting error: 17177, invalid pan… User id - 72AF58

Welcome to Upstox community, @minhajm

Thanks for sharing your UCC details. Allow us sometime as we get this checked and update you.

Hi @minhajm,

We have swiftly processed your segment activation request on our end. It is currently pending at the exchange and is expected to be completed within 24-48 hours. Try placing an order tomorrow or on Wednesday.

If you face any issues, please reach out to us. Thanks.

Hello @Vaibhav_Naik,

The issue is still not resolved. It has already surpassed the timeline that you mentioned for the resolution. Can you please escalate this? It has been now 8+ days I am facing this issue. TIA.

Hey @Yogesh ,

We regret the inconvenience caused. Our team is actively looking into your concern and we’ll update you soon.