XIRR for holdings

XIRR for holdings was promised almost a year ago. Competitors have already implemented this feature, which is essential for real investors. Currently, we have to use separate tools/apps to track such information. When can we expect this fundamental feature, instead of hearing “we have forwarded the request to the product team”? Is there a committed timeline?

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Hey @dabance_D,

XIRR for holdings is currently in active development and is part of our roadmap. Stay tuned for its release soon! :slight_smile:

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What is the status of this features. I was tracking since long, Competitors have already implemented this feature. Till when can we have this feature.

Hi @Amal_Sarkar,

XIRR is already available on our app. To find, Login to your app (4.0) > Switch to investor mode: uptx.to/switch > click on Stocks/Mutual Fund > Portfolio. Check the summary of the share/mutual fund & you’ll find the Annualised Rate of Return. Feel free to let us know incase of any queries.