Usage of API for personally owned website

I have built an small web application where I have some watchlist for STOCKS and some logics implemented for placing orders.Can I use the API to get LIVE FEED, my account details and market data and place orders for my account? This website is for my pursonal purpose and I will be using only my account details.
Is this allowed?


Please refer the thread

“Ensure that all data exposed through the API is legally compliant and has been authorized by the relevant regulatory authorities.” This is very technical. Exactly may i know what you are referring here?

Consider I own a website and it will have only my upstox credentials. I have a list of symbols to be in watchlist, once a stock falls in the price range specified , I would trigger a buy order and will have a SL. I store the trade details in my database and use it for taking reports which will be in the same website. I dont expose the site to others as this will be used for my sole personal purpose.

Everything in the website like template etc, will be licensed and purchased. I am not running this in my localsystem because I would be travelling, so thought of using it as a separate website hosted in cloud. Let me know if I can use this?

Hi @Gautii,

Since the use case if for personal use, this can be used in the scenario you described above.

You can go ahead.

As of now I am using Zerodha websocket for this, but I am facing a CORS issue there as the requests from my website is blocked. That is the main reason I am thinking to switch to Upstox. Is it something like we have cors policy in upstox as well? Also can you please share websocket api link ?

A CORS policy is not in place. For guidance on using WebSockets, please refer to the documentation available at Websocket | Upstox Developer API.

Additionally, to facilitate a quick start, we’ve provided sample implementation codes for Python, PHP, Node.js, Java, and React.js at Sample Implementation | Upstox Developer API.

Hi Gautii,
Good to hear that you have built a website. I wanted to ask that how are you managing the authentication? I mean the access token keeps expiring pretty frequently and we need to generate code and then accessToken. How are you managing this?


were do I check my account opening status? I received just the welcome email. Is there a contact number I can use to check my account opening status?


Hi Nishit,
I haven’t integrated upstox api yet. I am just using zerodha. Are you asking about the zerodha api or upstox api?

I am beginer to this trading APIs, I am here to explore how things works. I have started with upstox api. To use the upstox public apis, do we need to have a demat account verified with all details at first?

@Srijoy_Paul Yes, to use the Upstox API, you must have a Demat account linked with Upstox, as the API is designed specifically for Upstox customers.

You can begin the process of opening an account at this link.