Using Upstox API to Display Market Feed Data on a Website

I am currently working on integrating real-time market feed data into my website using the Upstox API. My goal is to display live market quotes, including Last Traded Price (LTP), bid price, ask price, volume, and other relevant market data for various stocks, ETFs, and other securities.

Can i do this using Upstox API?

Based on your specified requirements, connecting to the market WebSocket would be ideal. Please refer to the API Documentation | Market Data Feeder and also review the new feeder functions we’ve provided in various languages to connect to our WebSockets.

  1. Python
  2. Node js
  3. Java
  4. PHP

I wanted to know can I display these market feed directly in my website to everyone, for building a custom website such as tickertape, screener etc.? is it allowed?

Yes, It is possible to do using Upstox API. You can visit this for full documentation: