Upstox Web Development Team, Get Information like ("Chart-Token")

I want to know how Upstox calculate chart token no.?

Vedanta in BSC Link: Upstox Pro
BSE_EQ&chartToken=500295 (500295 this is BSC “SC_CODE” Right)

Vedanta in NSC link : Upstox Pro
NSE_EQ&chartToken=3063 (NSE “SYMBOL”=”VEDL” so how you guys calculate this [VEDL = 3063] )

I want to know how to calculate this so share you’r calculation with me because I want to generate other company’s chart token for open any company chart in Upstox thrive one click.
Try to provide me solution

You can access the instrument file at this link: Upstox API Documentation - Instruments. This file includes mapping exchange_token to the instrument name and other relevant details.

Important Points to Remember:

  1. The files are updated daily at approximately 6 AM, with additional updates during the day being rare.
  2. Instruments listed for the upcoming trading day will exclude stocks that have been delisted or contracts that have expired.