Upstox Portfolio Mismatch

Hi everyone… recently I have transferred my shares and mutual funds from zerodha to upstox…shares are showing correctly under portfolio section but mutual funds are missing…I am able to see those mutual funds inside holding reports but not under Portfolio…is there anything else need to be done at my part or I have to wait for some specific duration?

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Welcome to the Upstox community!

To assist you better with your mutual funds, please share your UCC ID with us.

Also note, when transferring shares from another broker to Upstox, the average price of these shares will not automatically appear. This is because they were initially purchased through a different broker, making it challenging for us to verify their original purchase date and price. However, you can manually enter both the average price and the purchase price for these transferred shares to keep your portfolio accurate.

Learn how to update the average price here: Adding Average price for transferred shares - Upstox Help Center

We hope this helps!

My upstox userid: 7HAUB8

Thank you for sharing the UCC ID with us we are getting this checked and will get back with an update soon.

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Hi @imrishikesh,

Please provide the Statement of Account (SOA) for your mutual funds. Once we have that, it will enable us to assist you accordingly.

You can send the SOA by raising a ticket here:


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Ok I will provide all soa for my mutual funds except hdfc mutual fund that I am not able to download the statement…I have hdfc mf portal screenshot for hdfc mutual fund holding…will this works?

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Hey @imrishikesh,

Yes, that works.

Once you have raised a ticket, do help us with the ticket ID for further action.


I have submitted the required documents, kindly check the same. Thanks

Ticket id: 8536243

Hi @imrishikesh,

Thanks for sharing the required documents. We will get it checked by the relevant team and update you soon.

Help you give me urgently your phone number

Hey @kroy14630,

Could you elaborate on your concern? Or please share your ticket ID with us so that we can help you. If you don’t have a ticket yet, you may raise it here:

Additionally, we have multiple channels for live support and you can find more here:

Algo treading active

Hey @kroy14630 , can you please elaborate on your concern so that we can assist you better?