Upstox has the best UI!

I have been using upstox for a few years now and this is the best time of Upstox!

A massive appreciation for the UI/UX team for making this version of Upstox the most classy one!

From the Color theme selection to layouts, everything is top notch and we’ll thought! The color scheme is also just perfect and very soothing to eyes!

Love the strategy builder with slide up/down feature to view the projected P&L.

TV library is massive plus for me as I always love to scalp using “Trade from Chart” feature with Instant Order Placement turned on.

I also love the scan QR code feature to login! It may not be industry first feature but the way it has been implemented is excellent! That small sound of beep is so amazing!

I look forward to more upgrades!

This is the best time to use Upstox! Thanks to the entire team :purple_heart:


Thank you so much for the kind words @11.11!

It is great to get this feedback because we have spent a substantial amount of time collecting user information, researching best practices worldwide, and continually testing to see what works best for traders. We recognize that traders need a combination of a simplistic and non-distracting UX in addition to powerful products and features in order to be successful. We have big plans over the next year for our app and pro web…really looking forward to launching it all out to everyone!

Thanks so much for the feedback @11.11!

We’re working hard to get more things out! Couple more things coming out in a week or two:

  • DDPI - so you don’t have to use eDIS OTP everytime you want to sell delivery shares - complete online process to get it activated

  • TOTP - along with being able to use the OTP for 2FA, we will enable the ability to use TOTP as an alternative

And more things to come!

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Wow! I am so excited to use Upstox now! Exciting times ahead for Upstox! :star_struck:

I am totally agreed with this but only for the app. Upstox app is the best app in compsre to zerodha, fyers, alice blue , and others. The exlore page is amazing. No one can beat it. I loved everything in the app. Just wanted to see % PnL in position as it is one of the best helpfull thing for traders

But wev portal is lagging. It needs to be more fast and Ux need to change as the font style and color are not good. And remov8ng comtracts from watchlist is still very difficult. If you need to delet 10 contracts from watchlist, you need 30 clicks. There should be direct remove buttone.

Hi @Thestoploss -
Thanks for the kind words re: app UX. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few years figuring out what works best for our customers. While I can’t give you timelines, I can say that we are starting to explore how we can not only improve the web user experience but also new options features and tools for the web portal.

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Thanks for considering me