Trading Via TV Trading Panel


As many young traders are using TradingView Pinescripts with their own codes and strategies made using ChatGPT and other AI tools, It will be a huge benefit if we can take trades right from TradingView without the need to place order from broker app.

Is there any plan to integrate Upstox in the official TradingView Trading Panel?

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Hello @11.11. Let me check. I will get back to you!

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Sure! @khushboo

I am sure your team must have some plans about it! This move can give and edge to your platform!

There’s only broker that offers this service in India but I don’t like that broker :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I think from business perspective too, Integrating with TradingView Panel can pull a lot of traders!

Although, tv.upstox is still great but has Limitations to using PineScripts and Coded Strategies.

Pro Traders using PineScript would love to have a reliable broker like Upstox on the trading panel so that they can implement their coded strategies with ease! :blush:

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Great news! It is already in our roadmap and we are working on it! btw, F&O works on

Wow! That’s a great news! Looking forward to it! Yes, It’s only for EQ sadly and good for people who do scalping in EQ in large quantities.

Yes, is excellent! Perfect for my FnO scalps! Upstox’s TV library is probably much stable TV Library than any other competitor!

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But bro link to karna hi padega hi na your credentials, this is also my question and if you get time can you please answer the question o asked about filtering Candlestick on body value?

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