Uplink API Related query

As after opening the API key generate it is mentioned that no brokerage charges will be applied but even after taking the order the brokerage is adding. I had consulted with call service agent but they told to raise the ticket.
And after that some of the representative called an told to raise complain on the community.

Please help on this issue around 1 month brokerage is added while taking the trades and no refund will be added to my account.

Hi @Kartik_Jaswal,

Brokerage for orders placed via API (using API Key and Secret), is reversed subsequently. We would advise you to please check your ledger once.

Also, if you can pls share your UCC so that we can do the further investigation here.

Thank you

Hi @AbhishekRathore

I had check no brokerage is reversed, here is my UCC 5UAR82.

Hi @Kartik_Jaswal,

We are investigating this, meanwhile wanted to understand on how do you place orders via API? Have you automated your trades or use any third-party applications?

HI @Kartik_Jaswal,

Seems like your orders were placed via Upstox Pro platform. Brokerage is reversed for order placed by using the UpLink APIs.

More details on UpLink APIs here - Trader API - Free Stock Market Trading API with Documentation @Upstox
T&C - https://marketing-creative-and-docs.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/API_T%26C/T%26C+apply.pdf