TV Order quantity retention on refresh


I have been using tv.upstox for trading now.

While using the option “Instant Order Placement”, I select quantity from the Buy/Sell Button.

However on refresh, the selected quantity changes. Is it possible to retain the quantity selected?

Screen Recording 2023-04-24 at 12.26.08 PM

Hello 11.11,

We have assigned the task of making the necessary changes to our engineering team, and they are currently working diligently to ensure that the required changes are implemented as effectively as possible. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, and we appreciate your patience as we work towards resolving the issue.

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Thank you @khushboo for the update on this!

I have a special attachment with Upstox as it was my first broker of life!

I am so happy to be back to it with the new TradingView library that enables me to scalp FnO scripts with “Trade from Chart” function and quick order with “Instant order placements”

These little changes that I suggest are from a scalper’s perspective and will help to make the TradingView Chart Trading more efficient!

Thank you for acknowledging and communicating this with the engineering team!

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Thank you so much for your warm message :slight_smile: Messages and feedbacks like these keep us going and push us to work harder to make Upstox a world class product!

Any Update on this?

If we refresh during scalping, we lose our selected position quantity.

Hi @11.11 we have raised this issue with the folks at TV and once they fix it, we will also b updating the library at our end as a part of our roadmap. Appreciate your support on this.

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Sure! Thanks for the update @vivekchoksi !

Will be really happy to use the updated library!

Hey @vivekchoksi , I hope this “Quantity Retention” feature and “Saving Preferences on Cloud” will be available in the next library update soon :blush:

Looking forward to using the next update of TV library.

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@11.11 Saving Preferences on the cloud will be released soon! Stay tuned. We have also added Quantity Retention in our roadmap. Will keep you posted!