TOTP key throws error whereas OTP works

I have 2 Questions which need answers! Please help!


I was trying manual login and see that TOTP i have configured sometimes works.
But some other times, it throws error as below.

Only when I use OTP that comes to my mobile number, it works.
Why is this?

Question 2

Also, I think a user can independently login to App & Web even if the user is generating access token via API. Am I right?

Question 1: Could you provide your client ID? We will check with the appropriate team and get back to you as soon as possible.

Question 2: Correct, you have the ability to log into both the app and web, even when access tokens are being generated through the API.

Thank you!
UCC 127656

Please note that I was testing login via multiple browsers while trying this.

Thank you for quickly providing the client ID. We’ll take some time to review it and will get back to you.

Check for your timing it may contains some error

I reset OTP and then I disabled OTP. Finally I regenerated new OTP and it started working.
Although I do not know why that TOTP did not work, I am currently unblocked.


@sid_magger Our team has reviewed the logs and it appears that the issue may be due to an invalid or expired TOTP. Please inform us (with the date and time) if you continue to experience this problem so we can investigate further.