API login using TOTP

How to login using TOTP?

Please provide python code to login using TOTP.

You can visit the following page to learn how to set up TOTP for your account via the Upstox web interface:

Enabling TOTP on Upstox Web Platform

Python code is not readily available for this process, as TOTP is designed to be inputted by the user during the login sequence as part of the OAuth authentication procedure.

Hi Pradeep,

So for now I have to do access TOTP every time manually, which is not expectation in my automation.

Could you provide way out, as I want to launch my strategy on cloud, thus testing tool may not work there. Any specific APIs to call, or is it available on proprietary basis?

Upstox does not support or recommend login automation in light of guidelines from SEBI.

Thank you.