Too much inconsistency in BANKNIFTY/NIFTY options symbols


I’m trying to develop a custom application using UPSTOX API but observing inconsistency at many places particularly for BANKNIFTY/NIFTY option symbols.

I have seen multiple variations of how an option or strike price symbol in various API responses so far. Few examples:

  1. Option Chain API response: “BANKNIFTY 47500 CE 15 APR 24”
  2. Positions API: “BANKNIFTY2441647500CE”
  3. Quotes API: “NSE_FO:BANKNIFTY2441647500CE”
  4. To add more, sometimes there’s a pipe ‘|’ in the symbol and sometimes there’s a colon ‘:’.

Eager to know your views on this. Let me know if I’m missing anything here.

Acknowledged. We will gradually streamline and address these issues in future updates. Thank you for being patient.