IV for NIFTY and BankNifty is showing wrong values

Hello Developers,
Greetings. Please fix the Implied Volatility value in CE, PE for Nifty and Bank Nifty. The values are wrong (Upstox Pro app).
Thank you.

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Thanks for pointing that out. That looks like a formatting error. Since it is denoted as a ‘%’, you should be able to up to 2 decimal spots. I will let the developers know but as an FYI, we are releasing a new Option Chain with a large number of additional features including calls and puts on a single screen, OI charts, PCR, India Vix, and ability to place orders directly from the chain. We will be making the announcement on that in the next few days.


Hi Mike,

Even I noticed this issue and I don’t have much to share in this area. But, I have a request particularly for the people who hedge. I felt Basket order is not straight forward. So I would like to request you add a button to add the particular script to the basket. This will save lot of time for a trader.


Hi @vardhan36397 -
That’s an interesting call-out. Out of curiosity, which version of the app are you using?

Latest version 2.2.3