stock buy/sell history breakdown

I buy my preferred stock whenever it is below my price over several years.
whenever the stock goes above my target price, I would like to sell some quantity which has crossed 1 year holding period (for obvious LTCG)
I see this option in zerodha and icicidirect in a click but in upstox, I need to go to accounts, download reports for each financial year, analyze my stock and then take a decision ( takes several hours to do this) and also the holding changes over a period of time and hence I need to necessarily download reports and analyze every time for taking a sell decision. Why no Breakdown holding period in upstox?

Hi @SKR,

Thank you for your question. This feature is already available on Upstox.

  • Login to the app
  • Switch to Upstox Invest mode
  • Click on ‘Stocks’
  • Click on ‘Portfolio’
  • Click on any stock that has your investment
  • Click on ‘You own X shares’
  • Tap on ‘Breakdown’ tab

Hope this helps!

Thanks, It was helpful navigation pointer.
Is it available in in web also ?


Hi @SKR,

Currently this feature isn’t a part of Upstox Pro. However, it’s a part of our roadmap and we will surely keep you updated on the same.

Feel free to reach out in case of any more queries!