Sensibull Issue

I logged in to Sensibull via Upstox credentials. Cannot create virtual portfolio in Sesnibull. Error message shown:

You need a Lite plan to use Virtual Portfolios. You can use it by starting your 7-day free Pro trial. At the end of the Pro trial, you will be put on a free plan, and not charged anything.

So are virtual portfolio not available in Sensibull?

Welcome to Upstox community, @Prasanna

Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, the Sensibull integration with Upstox is through their paid subscription module. To utilize the services by Sensibull, you’ll have to subscribe to the same. To learn how to login in sensibull click here: How to login on Sensibull? - Upstox Help Center Hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us if you require any other assistance.