Sensibull integration

Hi team,

Although a lot of things are improving in upstox but options strategy is an area which still needs a lot of work. There seems to be some limited integration with sensibull, however other brokers have full free subscription of the same thus enabling more powerful strategy building option. Are there any plans for similar tie-ups? I understand these are complex negotiations but however it would be good to know if atleast this is something that is directionally pursued or not?


Hi @Ankit_Agarwal,

Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us. Currently, the Sensibull integration with Upstox is through their paid subscription module. You can check this article for more details: How to login on Sensibull? - Upstox Help Center

For any other assistance, please reach out to us.

I know, but other brokers offer it for free, that’s what I am requesting or atleast a discounted offer.

Hi @Ankit_Agarwal,

We have taken this as a feedback and passed it on to the concerned team.