How to Start Trading Options on Upstox?

Hey everyone,

I just getting started in the trading world! I’ve been using Upstox for a few months with stocks, and things are going okay. But options trading keeps popping up, and it sounds interesting. The problem is, I’m a total newbie when it comes to options.

Anyone out there willing to be a lifesaver and explain the basics of options trading on Upstox? Specifically, I’m lost on:

  • Finding my way around the Upstox options platform
  • Key terms and stuff I gotta wrap my head around before diving in
  • Any resources for beginners, like tutorials or articles
  • How to manage risk and avoid the common mistakes newbies make (yikes!)
  • Bonus points if there are any seasoned options traders out there who can share some newbie-friendly advice or even a basic strategy.
    I also check this : But I need a beginners guide.

Thanks a million in advance for any help!

Really appreciate it,