Scrip values getting Stuck for about 10 mins on 26th Oct 2023 around 10 am

I am using on the web. On 26th October, around 10 am, the charts got stuck (values not moving). I checked mobile app one on wifi and the other on mobile data - both were stuck. It remained like that for about 10 minutes! After some time the values on the 2 charts started moving, while the central chart value was stuck. When the values were frozen around 10 am, I had checked on other trading apps - there the values were properly moving. Was this UPSTOX problem? I even tried logging out and logging in but it did not help. Please do the needful. This is very dangerous and can result in heavy losses.
(I am unable to raise a ticket as this topic does not fall into any standard options available while raising a ticket)

Video showing that on the central chart, values were not moving, is available on request.

Hi @Mahesh_Shah,

Yes, earlier on 26th October some of our users might have been unable to view market data feeds on our app and web platforms. We resolved it the same morning, and you can view market data without interruptions on our platforms now. Thank you.