Non cash margin and Intraday


I trade intraday fno only, so i buy stocks then pledge them and do intraday using the noncash margin, so 90% is non cash margin and 10% is cash i keep for daily mtm, now in 5paisa, angel and zerodha i can use the full margin for intraday and no interest is charged for intraday, only overnight 50 50 required and if not then interest charged, is it same for intraday here as well? I read then its 12% interest per year in website, so i didnt knew it was different for upstox is it correct or did i mis read? Please let me know as then i have to shift to other brokers unfortunately

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We are checking this and will get back to you with an update soon.

Hi @Subhadeep_G ,

Please note, interest won’t be charged if margins are used for intraday trade.

You will be charged interest only for carrying it overnight. We hope this helps.

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Great, thanks for the update

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