Enable 100% collateral margin use for intraday f&o trading


after the pledging of margin of stocks 50/50 cash or cash equivalent is needed which is bummer when trading with bigger capital. There are brokers present in the current markets already where they offer 100% collateral use of margin for intraday f&o trading and 50/50 for overnight. With that separate wallet for mcx & equity is also makes it difficult for us to use the same margin aftr indian market closes into the mcx which is like problematic from both sides.


Hi @Ray ,

Please note you can use 100% collateral margin even without maintaining 50:50 ratio. However, a nominal interest of 0.05% per day will be charged on the cash margin shortage. You can read more about it here: What is Margin Pledge? - Upstox Help Center

Also, we appreciate your feedback about having single wallets and have forwarded it to our team. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!