No Proper Features in Desktop Browser - Upgrade them

  1. Switch over Button from “Upstox Pro” To “Upstox for Investor” in Web browser to be made available.
  2. “Discover More List” under list tab not available in Web Browser of Desktop version
  3. List of Day/ Week/ Month/ 52 Week gainers and loosers not available in Desktop Browser.
  4. Nifty 500 gainers and losers also not available either in Desktop or Mobile App which is provided by all platforms.
  5. Finacial Charts/ Vales not available any where (To Be checked in Mobile App)
  6. RHP Document for IPOs not available.

Very poor to miss minimum features in Desktop Version. In-fact, any professional will prefer Desktop not Mobile Apps. Kindly, upgrade/ enable them for improvement of your platform.

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