Invalid credential error


I am trying to use API v2 to pull ltp for certain instruments. I am able to get auth_code using client id and redirect url. However when I try to get access token, I am receiving Invalid credential error. I have cross checked all the values I am passing.

can you please check and comment on what is missing.

My user id is 153704


@manddar We’ll review this and respond shortly.

Meanwhile, usual reasons for invalid credentials typically involve inconsistencies in client_id, client_secret, response_type, or redirect_uri. Ensure these values perfectly match what you entered during the app creation process.


We noticed you registered the app using the redirect_uri, but attempted to use the Authorize API with The Invalid Credentials error you encountered pertains to this discrepancy in the Redirect Url.

It appears you’ve updated the uri in the app. Could you please give it another shot and inform us of the outcome?

Thank you!