Unable to Authenticate using OAuth 2.0

Unable to authenticate using OAuth 2.0.
Followed this document Authentication | Upstox Developer API.
Now when I redirecting the requests to the authentication url, I am getting this error:

{“status”:“error”,“errors”:[{“errorCode”:“UDAPI100068”,“message”:“Check your ‘client_id’ and ‘redirect_uri’; one or both are incorrect.”,“propertyPath”:null,“invalidValue”:null,“error_code”:“UDAPI100068”,“property_path”:null,“invalid_value”:null}]}

The url which I am using is similar to what is mentioned in the developer doc.
Example: https://api-v2.upstox.com/login/authorization/dialog?response_type=code&client_id=615b1297-d443-3b39-ba19-1927fbcdddc7&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.trading.tech%2Flogin%2Fupstox-v2&state=RnJpIERlYyAxNiAyMDIyIDE1OjU4OjUxIEdNVCswNTMwIChJbmRpYSBTdGFuZGFyZCBUaW1lKQ%3D%3D

Please let me know what I am doing wrong here.


The error message indicates that there is an issue with either the client_id or the redirect_uri, or possibly both. Please verify that the client_id you’re using matches the apiKey of the application you’ve set up. Also, ensure that the redirect_uri is consistent with the one you specified during the app creation process.

Thank you!

Is this a joke? How will anyone know client_id needs to be filled with apiKey? Please fire the developer for so poor documentation.