Invalid Credentials when hitting the oauth authorisation


my redirect uri - http://localhost:3000/login

Please share your UCC. We’ll review this and respond.

Meanwhile, usual reasons for invalid credentials typically involve inconsistencies in client_id, client_secret, response_type, or redirect_uri. Ensure these values perfectly match what you entered during the app creation process.

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Everything looks fine to me. I still get that.


It appears that there are two apps under your registration, and attempts to access the API through both have resulted in ‘Invalid Credentials’ errors.

The issue seems to be with incorrect redirect URIs used in your authorization calls. Here are the specific discrepancies:

  1. For App 1, the registered redirect URI is, but the API call used http://localhost:3000/login.
  2. For App 2, the registered redirect URI is http://localhost:3000/login, whereas the API call was made to http://localhost:3000/login/. Note the additional slash at the end of the URI.

Please rectify these discrepancies in the redirect URIs and attempt the authorization process again.

Thank you!

I changed the URI’s temporarily to test a few things, but the correct URI’s don’t work either.



Please provide the URL you’re using to initiate the login. For security purposes, you may omit the client_id when sharing this information.



We’ve resolved the issue on our end. Please try again and inform us if it’s working for you now.


Thanks, Its working now.

Thanks for confirming. Happy coding!!