Instrument master issue

We were trying to download the instrument master from the following url:

We have couple of queries on this:

  1. We assume this file is updated every day like other brokers. Would you mind sharing at what time this file is updated, so that we can run our download job after that time?
  2. We assumed that the instrument_key column in the master file is unique for each instrument. But doing a simple vlookup on the file showed that there are multiple entries for same key. Would you mind taking a look (details given below)?

Keys with multiple entries:

  • BSE_EQ|0
  • BSE_EQ|IN0020150044

This needs a fix, as this will lead to incorrect identification of instrument while loading orders/holdings etc.

Thank you for getting in touch and acknowledging your request. We will review the same and provide you with the response at the earliest.

  1. The file undergoes daily updates at 6:30 AM. If there are any delays from the exchange or modifications, a reprocessing is carried out at 8:30 AM. For your specific scenario, scheduling a job at 6:30 AM is suitable.
  2. It is essential for the instrument_key in the master file to be unique. Currently, there are instances of duplicates within the BSE_EQ entries which are not traded. We will review and correct this issue, and once the fix is implemented, we will inform you promptly.

Thank you for your highly professional response, much appreciated.