Complete intrument file is corrupt


Complete instrument file is corrupt.
Link is -
Please fix it asap.




I am also in Same problem right now. Please correct is asap. Both NSE and complete file don’t have NSE symbols.

Same here… No data for OPTIDX + NSE_FO… only BSE data showing for OPTIDX
@shanmu @Pradeep_Jaiswar

@Aman_Jha @jenish
do you know any alternative to this?

json file is there but not happy with Structure.

switched to other data feed and not trading in Upstox for few weeks. This month it seems very unstable.
Could not trade April 1st week due to data issue, then 2nd week this has occured.

it is difficult to move to new format on the fly during market hours. but thanks for this information, i will have this as fallback option

Same problem here. please fix the problem as soon as possible

I am also not able to get NSE_FO data through upstox api…Please fix asap
This needs to be solved asap as i have overnight positions


@upstox is there no support team to address these topics on the fly? Its been an hour. No reponse @shanmu @Pradeep_Jaiswar

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @upstox display help.

Similar issues reported

@Satish_Patel @Ankush_Agarwal

The team has resolved the issue. Could you please refresh the files and try again?

Thanks for the resolution. Can someone pls share a reliable fallback for this issue as this has happened quite a few times.

even nse specific csv is empty