How to Put Long Term Stoploss for Stocks which are in Holdings?

Hi! I want to learn how to put long term stop loss for scripts which are already there in my holdings. Both for Web version and Mobile App. I believe GTT order can do the trick but it asks for target and buying price also. Please help.

U shouldn’t place any SL for long term investment cuz SL is only for short term & quick traders where there is 99.9% chance of losing money .
Hope it helps

Hi @Mahesh_Shah,

Thank you for your suggestion.

Please note that we are releasing the feature this month on Android where you can select either target or stop-loss or both and also place GTT on existing position or holding.

Hi @Miku_megabytis -
I agree that you shouldn’t always rely on a stop loss for long-term holdings as “guaranteed protection” (especially very long-term holdings). A lot can happen over time including:

  1. the security can move up dramatically and if the SL is price based, your % threshold of loss will get larger
  2. you could end up selling when just holding over time may be the better answer
  3. the price could gap down past your SL and you get a fill that is lower than what you set.

@Mahesh_Shah -
Overall, there should always be some consideration for risk management whether it is a stop loss, alert, OTM put option, or simple diversification.

This is for a particular stock of mine which if it breaks a particular support, is likely to go highly bearish.

This is for a particular stock which if it breaks a particular support, is likely to go very bearish.