Stop loss trading

Dear Sirs

For long term do we need to put stop loss everyday or we put once it stays

Hi @Meenakshipal ,

If you want to put a stoploss for long term, you should try GTT orders. They stay for 365 days on the Upstox platform.

Here is the step by step guide for the same: How can I place a normal GTT order? - Upstox Help Center

Thanks a lot Sir.

Another question if I want to buy futures do I need to buy next month futures and sell present one for hedging

Hi, this might not be the best way to hedge your futures position. Usually, a cash positions is hedged using futures. For eg, let’s say you hold 250 shares of Reliance and you think that the stock is going to fall now for few days, you sell a futures contract to protect your downside.

Thanks sir for your guidance