How can i get today's market status (open / closed)

I checked the documentation, but I couldn’t find an endpoint to retrieve today’s market status (open/closed). I have to rely on other services for market status information, and even they are not always accurate. Please inform me if there is any alternative method to obtain the market status.


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Hi @idont_know,

Wanted to confirm what you meant exactly with market status - do you mean whether it is a trading day or not and whether at current time trading is possible on market?

Yes, I mean whether it’s a trading day or not. For instance, the stock market opens at 9:30 AM and closes at 3:30 PM. It’s sometimes closed on holidays. We need to check the market status to provide users with real-time data when the market is open.


At the moment, market status API is not available in the set of APIs available for Upstox API users.

However, we have noted your feedback and passed on to the relevant team. We will keep you and the community updated on the same.

We would also like to request patience on the same as we are currently working on some important upgrades and user requests.

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This API would be very helpful. I am writing it in my app. If it is provided, it will add a lot of value.

Your request is acknowledged. We’re currently in discussions with our team about the holiday and market status API. We’ll inform you once we prioritize and schedule it for development.

@Amit_Kumar_Sharma @idont_know

We’ve launched our Market Information API, which is comprised of three sections:

Please be aware that these APIs are public, cached on a CDN, and do not require authentication. We welcome you to test them out and share your feedback.

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Cool! Will test them this weekend and let you know :grinning:

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