Market quotes API questions

in market quotes ohlc data through API at 1 minute interval , it return ohlc data of current 1 minute candle or previous 1 minute candle ?

if current 1 minute candle then how it return close price before the completion of current minute ?
i want exact 1 minute open high low close that have due to some strict calculations of my strategy, if it shows current 1 minute candle data then i may not be able to fetch data at exact millisecond of candle closing and it may differ from actual closing…

i am not familiar with websockets and intraday candle data api has ratelimits and i want data of 500 stock every minute, so only option i have is market quotes

I need api and secret key of my accont AK2135…


Kindly register an API app by following this link: How to create an API app? - Upstox Help Center

For detailed information on each API and how to use them, please consult this documentation: API Documentation – Fast Secure Free – Upstox | Upstox Developer API


i asked something too…

What I hv to write in app name and redirect Url?
D same which was shown in demo?
Algo trafing 2.0 and http127 ? Right

@Rakshit, The Market Quotes API delivers a live snapshot of current data, reflecting the elapsed time and the current Open, High, Low, and Close (OHLC) values up to that moment.

For scenarios requiring near real-time data (your use case), utilizing a WebSocket is the advised efficient approach, which gives you one previous and current OHLC data.

We provide sample code in Python, Node.js, Java, PHP, and React.js to facilitate a quick start. You can access these examples at

@Dr.Parth_Patel When naming, feel free to choose any name you prefer. For the redirect URL, it’s important to select one that you can control and access through your code, as the redirection to this URL with the authentication code is a crucial step in the authorization process. You can find detailed information about the authentication process at this link: Authentication | Upstox Developer API.

Still not able to do…
I hv another account in 5 paisa. Dey hv directly send me the secret key and api from der side… I m not use to of ds procedure. I hv already hv code and now I need api and secret key… that’s it…kindly do needful or I hv to shift to other broker…

How to get redirect url?

The needed information is in the “App” section of your account. After logging in on the prob web, navigate to Upstox Accounts. Here, you’ll see the apps you’ve created, along with details like the app name, API Key, and API Secret. To view the redirect URL, click on ‘edit’, from where you can also copy the redirect URL.

If you’re on a mobile device, you can refer to this guide for assistance: How to create an API app? - Upstox Help Center.

Attaching a screenshot for your reference