Historical data not coming for 2023 on 1 min timeframe

I am trying to fetch 1 min candle data for 2023-01-01 till 2023-01-31, but not getting any response.
I have tried same url for 2024 its working

non-working url:
url = ‘https://api.upstox.com/v2/historical-candle/NSE_INDEX|Nifty Bank/1minute/2023-05-31/2023-05-01’

Working url for 2024
url = ‘https://api.upstox.com/v2/historical-candle/NSE_INDEX|Nifty Bank/1minute/2024-05-31/2024-05-01’

As per observation, we can get only the last 6 months of data from one minute candle.

okay thank you. I think upstox should provide atleast 1 year data

@Bhargav_Panchal is correct. We offer data from the last 6 months for 1-minute intervals.