Historical candle data - 3 min & 15 Min

How to fetch Historical Data for 3 min and 15 min timeframe? Please don’t say its not possible as older version of API was providing this information.

Basically, i use 3 min timeframe data for calculating EMAs. I need historical 3 min timeframe data from last 4 days till current_candle -1

Currently, within Upstox V2 API version 3, the availability of historical candles for 3-minute and 15-minute timeframes is not supported.

Your feedback on this limitation has been duly noted, and we will ensure that it reaches the relevant team. We are committed to keeping you informed about any developments regarding this issue.

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@Pradeep_Jaiswar When we can expected this to be available in V2?
Tried converting 1 min timeframe to 3 min timeframe data but it is not accurate.

Our algos were working seamlessly in V1 but due to this limitation, this stopped working in V2.

  1. Enable API V1 until you include this feature in V2 so that we continue running our algos there
  2. Give us Python piece of code to convert 1 min to 3 min timeframe data accurately.
  3. Or Include 3 min & 15 Min in V2 urgently ( Any ETA on this?)

At the moment, we do not possess an estimated time of arrival (ETA). However, as previously conveyed, we have transmitted your request details to the appropriate team. Please rest assured that if there is any progress on this matter, we will promptly notify you.

While we may not be able to furnish a comprehensive Python code solution for your specific use case, we will make an effort to supply some references that you can consult.

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Sorry to say this. This is very key for our algo and we need this urgently. Zerodha provides this feature and we started coding for it. Thank you!


We recognize the importance and urgency of incorporating 3-minute and 15-minute timeframes into API V2 for your algorithms. Although your request has been communicated and prioritized with our development team, unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a precise ETA at this moment.

Your patience and understanding during this time are highly appreciated. Rest assured, we will keep you promptly informed of any developments or updates on this matter as they arise.


This is a very easy to add feature, hopefully upstox will do it.

@algoro may be try this

I am going to test that and see if it helps

Any update on this ?

That’s very correct. Unfortunately data converted data to 3 mins timeframe from 1 min is inaccurate. Historical data with 3 mins and 15 mins will be a really useful feature.

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@Ankit_Agarwal, @Arjunan, @Amit_Godbole,

This feature is definitely on our agenda, but as of now, we haven’t set a specific timeline for its release. We’ll be sure to update this thread with more information as soon as we have it.

Thank you!


Any update on this ? or any ETA by when the 15 mins data will be available.?

Hi Team, Kindly update on this regard.

This stays in this state as of now.

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Thanks @Pradeep_Jaiswar :+1: