Intraday Historical API

While checking the documentation I see that for intra day historical data, we have 1-minute and 30-minute intervals only available to query for.

Why can we not have smaller time frames like 3-minute, 5-minute, 15-minute time frames as well.

Even better, why can’t it just be a integer. With of course a max limit of say 60 mins…

Any reasons to limit it to only 1 and 30 mins ?

Your feedback has been acknowledged. Currently, intraday candles are set to the most commonly used time frame. We are contemplating the inclusion of other frequently used time frames in the future.

Hi, I am trying to get Historical data of 1 day interval with api endpoint|INE179A01014/day/2023-12-24 but i am getting this error
errors: [
errorCode: ‘UDAPI100500’,
message: ‘Something went wrong… please contact us’,
propertyPath: null,
invalidValue: null,
error_code: ‘UDAPI100500’,
property_path: null,
invalid_value: null

Can you please help me with this.

Kindly utilize the following encoded URL, which has been verified and is confirmed to be functional.