Get Historical data

How to get min by min data of a stock as csv using uptox api and import into python as pandas dataframe

To obtain minute-by-minute historical data, you can utilize the historical candle data as follows: the Historical API is divided into two parts: one for data from previous days and earlier (historical), and the other for today’s data (intraday API). You can retrieve minute-resolution data from the intraday section.

For further details on historical data, visit: Upstox Historical Data Documentation

For real-time data, it is recommended to use market websockets, which are more suitable for such needs. You can find more information here: Upstox Market Data Feed

To get started quickly with websockets, you can refer to this ready-made example: Upstox Websocket Example

Currently, there is no direct method to export data to CSV and import it into a Python Pandas dataframe directly. However, you can fetch data via the HTTP API and convert it into any desired format.

For assistance with converting API responses into a Pandas dataframe, the following thread may be helpful: Converting API Responses to Pandas DataFrame

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