General System Information


Can you please help us with the following and more such information?

  • API System uptime and downtime schedule, Mon-Fri and Sat-Sun schedule

  • Can you please detail the steps taken by each API? And the time it takes to travel through various software/hardware components within Upstox (logical/physical). You can then put up latency figures against each one of them.

For example: for a new order placement, logical components could be:

  1. API endpoint is called. Order is received by Upstox’s OMS.
  2. Various checks are applied on the received order.
  3. Order is formatted and placed at respective exchange.
  4. Acknowledgement is received back from exchange.
  5. Acknowledgement is passed back to the customer.

I may have missed more details. Please feel free to detail more steps and measure latency for each step when the systems are at 50% capacity, at 90% and at market open/close (peak).

  • Latency measurements of various APIs. Interested in knowing the time it takes for various APIs
  1. new order placement
  2. order replacement/change
  3. order cancellation
  4. market data request, etc)
    all APIs Upstox offers.

May be for us, higher level measurements are more relevant such as:

  1. The time an API call is received till the time it leaves Upstox system (exchange side).
  2. The time an API call is received till the time it is furnished at exchange (first direction).
  3. The time an API call is received till the time it is completed and acknowledged back to the customer (turn around time).

This will bring in transparency and provide more confidence to the customers. May be Upstox would be the first to openly share these numbers and create a healthy and competitive environment where we excel.



Can you also let us know the time when older instruments such as expired option contracts are cleaned up?

I noticed this behavior : post midnight, expired instruments are cleaned up from the file.

Essentially, you need to provide us a window between which cleanup happens and the file is finally made available for trading session (between this the data is not consistent so we won’t touch the file)

Reason for asking this: I’m currently out of India and so the programs written are running at different (local) time as compared to when they usually were running in India.