Few questions related to Websocket and APIs


I have few questions as following -
I am developing a public stock market app in React Native, and for that, I required real-time data from Websocket. So…

  • Is it ok that multiple users are getting the market data with the same authentication token of a particular user ?
  • Is there any limitation on the number of socket connections at a time for a particular auth_token (a single user) ?
  • As I can get only 100 instrument key data from a websocket at a time, if I use the NodeJS server as middleware for Upstox websocket and React Native, this 100 instrument key limitation will affect the functionality of my app because multiple users are getting the data of different instrument keys. So how can I connect a web socket directly to a React Native or React app? Also, is there any limitation to socket connections ?
  • Can I get top market gainer and looser data from the Upstox API?
  • Market data should be accessible to users exclusively via their specific access token.
  • It is recommended each authentication token should create up to three WebSockets. Employing middleware is beneficial, yet presently we’re contemplating expanding the limit beyond 100 tokens per access token for each websocket connection. It’s recommended to establish one socket connection per access token.
  • Data regarding the top market gainers and losers is unavailable from the Upstox API.

Ok, Thank you for giving the answers.

Do you have any support for giving data to business who wants to build their platforms. Rate limit is a concern and as end user data can’t be used for commercial purpose, do you have any solutions for this. Anyone creating will usually take market wide data for all instruments and Rate limit doesn’t helps. Any support on this if I can pay the infra cost you occur for server to process such high data.

@Chetan_Suri Could you kindly fill out the form located under “Get In Touch With Us” on this page: Free Business Trading API With Unlimited Modifications @Upstox? After you submit it, a member of our team will contact you.