FEL Shares show and disappear

in my portfolio i have FEL shares of around 100 quantity
this shares some times show in portfolio some times disappear, it also affects the daily profit loss statement and holding valuations

Hi @Aslan,

Could you please share your UCC so that our team and look into this issue?


CJ3989 is my UCC id for this issue

Hi @Aslan,

Thank you for sharing your UCC. Our team will check this and get in touch with you accordingly.

thanks Ushnota and team,

Upstox team contacted me and clarified the issue
the stock in suspended from trading so it appears only on holidays in holdings and normal days it will not .

to check exact holdings we can use Holdings Report from report section it will show all holdings including suspended shares

Hi @Aslan,

I’m glad to hear your issue has been resolved.

Let me know if you need help with anything else. Thanks.