Failed to save Chart

I’m encountering a persistent issue where the system keeps displaying a “failed to save” message, accompanied by frequent short notifications every few seconds. Despite clearing my cache memory, the problem persists. Can anyone provide assistance or suggestions to resolve this ongoing problem?

Hi @Gaurav_Yash,

As per your screenshot, it looks like your chart size has exceeded. Please note that there are size constraints for templates and charts. The system checks the size of the first 20 templates and recent 20 chart layouts to ensure they do not exceed the 800kb limit. However, it is unlikely that these contents would surpass the designated size restriction.

How can I solve this issue and prevent these notifications from popping up?

Hi @Gaurav_Yash,

You can refer to the below article. It states all the benefits and limitations of the chart sync feature on Upstox TradingView platform.

Let us know if you still have more questions regarding this. Thanks.