Excessive Charges for Transactions

Excessively high charges being charged on Upstox. When i contacted Customer Care, they say they old customers have got free delivery charges and only Quartely maintenance charges. However, new customers have to pay for Delivery charges and they cannot be moved.

– Is this a crime to be a customer of Upstox?

Hi @RahulMittal87,

We understand your concern.

We follow a pay-per-use model. We only charge a minimal brokerage up to ₹20 when you place a trade. All other charges are levied by the government or regulatory bodies.

Please click on the below mentioned link to know more about the charges by Upstox: Brokerage Charges - STT Charges - Demat Charges - Upstox.

Alternatively, could you please share your UCC?

You can also raise a ticket here regarding this and share your ticket number with us.

Our concerned team will immediately get in touch with you.

Hi @Ushnota ,

Sorry but I couldn’t understand the acronym UCC. Could you please elaborate.
Also, how to raise ticket? Do i need to do it from Community or using App?

I have sent you the link in the last message itself.

Please click that link to raise a ticket and then share the ticket ID with us.

@Ushnota : Here;s the ticket as you requested : https://help.upstox.com/support/tickets/7831103

Hi @RahulMittal87,

Our team has called and replied to your ticket.

Do let us know if you’ve any further concern. Thanks.

Hi @Ushnota ,

Yeah, I spoke with the team. Apparently, nothing can be done it seems.

I am disappointed though because I see almost 30% of my profit goes in Brokerage and other charges. :frowning: … in other brokers, its not the case.