Error during DataFrame creation: received 1001 (going away) CloudFlare WebSocket proxy restarting; then sent 1001 (going away) CloudFlare WebSocket proxy restarting

Getting this error in websocket thowing is there any issue with Websocket service ?

We are checking internally and will respond ASAP.

Could you kindly provide the code you have implemented for the WebSocket connection?

Hi today i also got the same issue my sentry caught the exception i will give the link please have a look once and i followed your example code only for coding, from your side please check did you guys deployed or restarted anything related to websocket proxy server
Link - Sentry

@Raghav @santhosh_kumar We are actively checking this. Kindly provide your respective User ID to investigate this particular error. The WebSocket functionality appears to be functioning correctly for other users.

Additionally, sharing the WebSocket implementation code would be greatly appreciated, as it will aid in the debugging process.

My UCC 271181 and today around 13:06 face the same issue

my id is 2GBUTU code i followed same as your git python example

Thank you for providing the UCC. We will review it and get back to you after conducting an investigation. Thank you for your patience.

@Raghav @santhosh_kumar We are currently looking into this issue. We’ve observed that it’s sporadic and doesn’t affect everyone. We’ll provide an update as soon as we have more information.

Thank you!

Today I got this error while using websocket

WebSocket connection closed: received 1000 (OK); then sent 1000 (OK)

Today i got this issue areound 12:10 PM
Error message: ConnectionClosedOK(Close(code=1001, reason=‘CloudFlare WebSocket proxy restarting’), Close(code=1001, reason=‘CloudFlare WebSocket proxy restarting’), True)

Any way to reconnect after this happened ?

@Raghav @santhosh_kumar

I understand your concern, and I apologize for the inconvenience caused.

We are actively working on resolving the issue, and we anticipate releasing a fix shortly. In the interim, if you are experiencing this problem, we recommend initiating a new connection as a temporary workaround. This action should help in re-establishing a stable connection.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We truly value your feedback and are committed to providing a seamless experience.

To resolve the web-socket connection interruptions, we are enhancing the CDN configuration to secure a more reliable connection. Moreover, we’re incorporating a heartbeat protocol (often referred to as “ping/pong”) to keep connections active as long as they are connected.

This approach is designed to ensure users experience a stable connection throughout the entire duration of the socket’s activity.

We will inform you about the progress and let you know when these improvements are deployed.

@shanmu if you are implementing heartbeat to check connection is alive you need to change the client side sdk also its better give proper websocket to handle all edge cases like disconnection reconnection heart beat etc

look once zerodha ticker it will be helpful